While it is recommended that we plan for emergencies and other unforeseen situations, very few of us actually take the necessary measures. One of the common emergencies that happen to both new and experienced drivers is a car breakdown. This can happen anywhere and at any time without a preamble.

Courtesy: Areas Best Towing in Loves Park, IL
Courtesy: Areas Best Towing in Loves Park, IL

In order to sail through such rough patches, you need to know some of the things you should do immediately the emergency happens. Below is a checklist to guide you in this.

Get Your Car Off the Road

This is the first thing to do during a breakdown. The good news is, vehicles are resilient and even if they breakdown, they don’t usually stop working completely. Therefore, you can push it to the side of the road. If the emergency happens while you are stuck in traffic, do not get out of the car and leave it on the highway. Instead, turn on the hazard lights.

Call for Assistance

Unlike in the past, many drivers today have cellphones and they can quickly call for assistance. Calling a towing company is advisable because these are professionals who do not just tow your car to the garage, but have emergency skills that can help you fix your car. Some of the employees in towing companies are professional mechanics who understand most of the car systems and if the problem is not big, they can get you back on the road.

Let the Other Road Users Know You Have a Problem

In addition to hazard lights, get out of the car and place a couple of road flares about 50 feet from your car. You can also raise the hood just to alert other drivers that you have an emergency and they should be careful when approaching the spot where you are.

Stay with the Car

Instead of abandoning your car to go and look for help, it’s advisable you stay with it. This is because most road service companies including tow truck service providers cannot do anything to a car unless the owner or driver is present.

Don’t Attempt to Repair the Car if You Can’t

Unless you are a DIY expert, attempting to repair or diagnosing the possible problems could even lead to further damage. If you have never changed a tire, don’t start doing so when you face a flat tire emergency. Leave it to a professional to help you sort out the problem.

Even though every car breakdown is unique, the above tips will ensure your safety and that of your car as you await assistance.