Imagine a huge crack running right down the middle of your asphalt driveway. It can potentially ruin the entire look of your driveway and dent your home’s curb appeal. If you ever find yourself facing such a problem, the recommended way out is to repair the cracks and fix any other smaller cracks before they escalate into bigger ones.

To some homeowners, driveway repair is an exercise they can do themselves although getting a professional asphalt driveway contractor is still commendable because they have the skills and the tools to do the job right.

Driveway Sealcoat Rockford

Preparation of the Asphalt Driveway

Before you begin fixing a driveway crack, you have to first prepare the surface where the repairs are to be done. The edges of the crack are cleaned not with the aim of deepening the crack, but rather to ensure the crack is filled in completely.

Professionals use chisels to get rid of any jagged pieces to create a smooth line from one end of the crack all the way to the other. Using a brush, the experts will remove the debris from the crack leaving you with a clean crevice from which to start working. If there are any fine particles remaining, they are forced out using compressed air.

Experts are of the idea that homeowners do regular sealcoating in order to slowdown the need for driveway repair. For the small asphalt cracks, they are filled in using an asphalt-based crack filler.

When filling larger asphalt cracks, crushed gravel is first poured into the crack until it is raised about 2 inches deep. Thereafter, a cold patch asphalt repair compound is poured in and a metal tamper is used to even out the area. The process is repeated until the crack is filled.

Professional Help in Driveway Repairs

The major cause of driveway cracks is water that gets in the driveway material. During the cold season, the freeze and thaw cycle exerts tremendous pressure on the driveway making it to crack. Apart from this, there are other reasons why cracks form such as poor driveway installation, tree roots growing into the driveway, too large loads driving on the asphalt surface, or even impact from dropped objects.

A professional driveway repair and maintenance contractor will help you get your driveway back to its original appeal as well as assist you in unearthing the reasons behind the cracks and preventing them from returning.