If you have a handyman project that you want done, the first step is to do a search on some of the best handyman service providers in your area. Thereafter, you have to do a cost comparison so that you can get the best handyman who can do a quality job without going over your budget. From research, a majority of homeowners in Illinois pay between $184 and $628 for handymen services.

Whether you want to install bath fans, refinish or reface cabinets, and repair tile and grout, knowing the pricing guide will help you get a deal for your project.



The Size of the Handyman Project

Larger projects generally take a longer time to complete and this has an implication on the cost. Experienced handymen will generally tell you the estimated length of time a job will take before they begin. Some handymen will charge you a flat fee for certain jobs and a graduated fee for others. This is why it is important to discuss the project in detail with your prospective handyman and establish the cost ahead of time.

There are small jobs which take between 1 and 2 hours, medium jobs which take anything from 2 to 4 hours, and large jobs which range from 4 hours to even a few days.

The Handyman Hourly Rates

This is an important factor in handymen pricing guides. On average, a handyman charges between $60 and $65. However, professional handyman services may charge you even $125 an hour. The advantage with professional services is the competence and assurance that the handyman will do a quality job.

The two main sub factors which influence the hourly rate include the experience level of the handyman and the complexity of the job.

Handyman Service Charge Schedule

Most handymen charge by the hour, but you can find some who may charge you a flat rate by the job. Some of the flat rate handyman jobs include ceiling fan or toilet installation, wall TVs mounting, hanging of chandeliers, and other such involved work.

The hourly rates depend on where you live and whether you are working with an independent contractor or one who is part of a larger company.

The beauty with handymen is that they are convenient and exceptionally skilled for small menial jobs. If you have a number of things that you want taken care of, a handyman can help you get the tasks done at an affordable price and within a short time.


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