My name is Alfredo Galvez. Son of Alfredo Galvez. Grandson of Alfredo Galvez.


Was there a god-damn shortage of names?? Were they trying to beat some kind of record?? The lack of creativity in my family is simply something I will need to carry with me for the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong… I love my family. But ALFREDO??? REALLY?

I guess this is what Mexican families do. Some kind of tradition. Which I’m sure worked fine in 1800 Mexico. But now in 2016 good-ole-USA… lemme tell ya… I’m getting calls about my dad’s retirement plan and my dad is getting calls from Edison about the bill I didn’t pay 10 years ago. We are constantly sorting out incorrect information on our credit reports.


So I’m a grandson of Mexican immigrants that crossed the border when border crossing wasn’t a hot topic. And I just throw stuff on here from people whom I like, and stories I find awesome.


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